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Not nearly a thousand...

I agreed to a thousand, but found myself fiddling with these ~750 words for a good part of the evening.,,

Kyyra traced the pattern into the dusky air, the ember cutting a faintly glowing outline through the dust plotting out the brazier-thrown half-light of Delvahnen's hutch. The smoke held the outline of her mandala for a moment, probing through the channels glowing from her wand's cut - deciding finally to coalesce into a sine-wave torus orbiting above her head.
"No, no, no child! Guide the smoke! Feel the currents around it!" The wrinkled face of Delvahnen grew out of the shadows around the brazier; "The smoke does not obey, only consents! Watch how it fills the air you cut for it! It tests... feels! It agrees to be guided, but will not be herded!"
Delvahnen's scowl - disapproval crossing swords in mortal combat with care (while ...concern?!?) mediated over the disputed territory of forehead and eyebrows - made its regular circuit across his face as he snatched the incense wand from Kyyra's hand.
"Watch me, girl!" He held the incense wand in front of his face, the ember's dull glow miraculously finding more wrinkles in his forehead as he bent forward, rotated and bowed towards the God In The Alcove.
A straining groan crept from one of the statues. Kyyra felt a flash of concern - thrown voices - redirecting the emotional link...
Delvahnen turned back to her, "You must understand what you CAN control, and what you must dance with. Watch the coal ~ perhaps I can ask it to dance, if you haven't irritatedit with your clumsy feet!"
Winking as he pulled an old guardsman's helmet from a shelf, He lowered it over the the brazier in the middle of the room. Kyyra's eyes twinged as she convinced her mind that, yes, the darknes did indeed move. The shudder crept down her back as the Shadows crawled from their corners, the false sunset tempting them towards the eyes in the room. The ember's meagre sphere of light letting them wrap the room in seams of grey and black. The ember cut a faint trail across Kyyra's eyes as they adjusted in the gloaming.
Kyyra felt her breathing slow, the rasp drifting away in the dark.
Delvahnen's voice rasped across her mind: "the dark watches us always... the fire holds it back... when the fire dies and Those Waiting In The Dark step forward, stay calm. They hear your fear."
Beyond her ears' desperate sketch of the darkened room, A dark, rumbling, undertone filled Delvahnen's voice as it floated out of the gloom; farther away somehow.
"I hold a star in my hand, bound to a simple reed, wrapped in oil and dust. Remember: as above, so below." His voice dropped back from the deadly serious tone: "Innafinalanalysis... 'sall a matter of scale."
The ember drew her eyes to it... Kyyra thought of moths as the ember crept side-to-side, tracing the pattern into her eyes. The mandala "Calm" slowlt grew in the channels carved by Delhavnen's drifting hand.
She felt her breathing slow as the mandala etched itself into the darkness filling her eyes; or cutting into the air?
Shifting her eyes to the left, a negative outline of the mandala followed her vision as the pattern hung in the air, pulsing. She focused on the mandala again; it had grown larger than the negative on her eyes.
Delvahnen's voice echoed in the void of the room... "As it began - Stillness. The starting point. When we carve the air, with it, the room is cleansed. For the dance you and the smoke shall share."
The ember drifted away from Kyyra, tracing a tail from the mandala which began to drift back into the darkness. Kyyra blinked, the tears washing the mandala from the air. Where was the Mandala? Did she -?
"Quiet! Listen!"
Something skittered in the dark... mouse paws across velvet a thousand miles away, echoing like thunder.
"Do you hear it, child? It trys to find purchase. The mandala drew it here."
"Delvaya - what is it?" The SmallName of her teacher slipped out. Suddenly Kyyra was 12 again, counting the weave in her tacher's carpet...
Something traced lightly across her neck "what... is... it..."
"Listen Child! Think of HearthSmoke! Do you smell it?"
Hearthsmoke? The First Scent? Why would -
"Hearthsmoke! The smell of home! All you love - in one room!"
The traces across her neck felt closer, tighter... but as her teacher spoke, they held back.
The pinhead of the ember grew... Kyyra reached out to it, her hands clasping at air...

JArvis Cocker Is STILL Cooler Than You.

Cuz he rocks out for a group of elementary school kids in France.

Thanks to Graham Linehan's "Why That's Delightful!" for the original postie.

Jonathan Coulton: Best.Show.Ever.

A New DVD from JoCo documenting his recent tour... got to see him last week @ the Granada, and it was awesome. I think I liked it better than Flight Of The Conchords the week before...

Breaking the Silence, SortaKinda...

Not much to say lately... well, not much that bears writing about... maybe soon.

But - have been listening the hell out of The Stone Roses first album in recent days... and just saw on the internets that this is getting a gee-whiz remaster 'n re-release in August.

So, to celebrate - here's Fools Gold:

And the lyrics, as after re-listening to them are kinda applicable to what's prompted my silence lately:

The gold road's sure a long road
Winds on through the hills for fifteen days
The pack on my back is aching
The straps seem to cut me like a knife
The gold road's sure a long road
Winds on through the hills for fifteen days
The pack on my back is aching
The straps seem to cut me like a knife

I'm no clown I wont back down
I don't need you to tell me whats going down
Down down down down da down down down
Down down down down da down down down

I'm standing alone
I'm watching you all
I'm seeing you sinking
I'm standing alone
You're weighing the gold
I'm watching you sinking
Fool's gold

These boots were made for walking
The marquis de sade don't wear no boots like these
Gold's just around the corner
Breakdown's coming up round the bend

Sometimes you have to try to get along dear
I know the truth and I know what you're thinking

Down down down down da down down down

I'm standing alone
I'm watching you all
I'm seeing you sinking
I'm standing alone
You're weighing the gold
I'm watching you sinking
Fools gold

Fools gold

I'm standing alone
I'm watching you all
I'm seeing you sinking
I'm standing alone
You're weighing the gold
I'm watching you sinking
Fools gold


Not quite as awesomesauce as "Watch Us Work It" but still, the spuds are back and still angry.

...and that's a good thing!

"DON'T SHOOT" - DEVO from DEVO Channel on Vimeo.


Since BLIP.FM was a bust...

This 8tracks thingie seems to work kinda well...


Listen to my station on Blip.fm! on Blip

Listen to my station on Blip.fm!

Wait. Never Mind. I seem to have such weird taste that NOTHING I searched for was available on the BLIP servers. DAMMIT...
Derek Dye - the Abstinence Education Clown!

MARVEL! To him liken premarital sex to juggling Machetes! (about 3:45 in):

Okay, so on one level... here's this guy talking about saving yerself for marriage and suchlike, which if yer so inclined... okay, good on ya.
Hope yer spousal partner is of the same mindset and you two are trusting/loving/secure enough to be able to grow together in your awareness of yer bodies & yer sexual needs.

But should our tax dollars be used to fund this stuff? Without teaching any alternative methods?

SNARK Engage:
But on another level... HOLY FUCK! You just KNOW that this kid is going to wind up with some fucked up machete-on-his-johnson fetish.

Plus - the whole realm of wrapping this up into "AVOID RISK!" type thinking has just got to be helping to perpetuate the whole "My Precious Little Unique Snowflake of A Child!" attitude prevalent in so many parents nowadays.

Lateral thinking moment: so, since this whole "abstinence only" movement has it's basis in the fundamentalist christian community, I can see how they would think that since we're immortal souls trapped in these nasty horrible squishy fleshy bodies, avoiding giving into those baser impulses is the only way to do things right.
But even so... since there's that whole "the body is a temple" thing, and one could say that the hormonal urges that come with adolescence (and are therefore perfectly natural) are in fact part of the rituals of said temple, and to disavow them and not listen to them is in fact committing an act of sacrilege against said temple?

Anyhoo - here's some clowns who most definitely understand what those baser instincts are about:

Daniel Dennett is my ShorDurPerSav

That's Short-Duration-Personal-Savior:

Man I wanna read that book.

St. Paddy's Day Greetings

Father Jack from "Father Ted" sends ye the best on this day of Holidayized Binge Drinking.


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